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created by alexandre maxine aka. LUXI // multi-media artist and storyteller.

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be brave enough to show up.

As I breathe the life back into myself, after this long period of grief, I have been faced with challenging questions surrounding life and its meaning. Where do I find purpose? What brings joy into my life and how will I notice when something meaningful is staring me in the eyes. Will I be brave…

are you who you want to be?

The act of creation, the divine process, a form of alchemy, requires not only the contemplation of strategy and logic, but first an foremost requires action. Nothing will be created without it: the momentum of putting one foot ahead of another, sometimes stumbling, taking a step back or getting so clumsy you trip over your…

“cold water” ambient poem

sometimes you need to jump into the oceanlike nothing else mattersbut yearning to feel the cold water on your skina shock to the systemyou feel alive againremember who you areand all the parts you have yet to becomeall the parts you have yet to discoverthat awaken your hibernating your hibernating spiritlike (Blooming After a Cold…

I hope to always be traveling, painting, writing, making music, editing videos, and generally having a good time.


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