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created by alexandre maxine aka. LUXI // multi-media artist and storyteller.

sharing thoughts about my creative process and random adventures

Recent Posts:

The Ceramic Castle: (poetry + sketchbook pages)

helpless, watching the bombs fall from a shattered sky as they hit the ground trembling and burn into memories of laying in the prairie towards gazing meteor showers and shooting stars that give life to flowers crushed in the palm of their hands mourning tragic moments has a way of showing us the truth exposing […]

~ NYC Art Journal ~

The following are excerpts from the art journal I kept while visiting New York for a week. The mediums I brought with were watercolors, oil pastels, and water-soluble wax pastels, as well as various pens and pencils. I also had a blank moleskin journal where my overall goal was to just fill up as many […]

I hope to always be traveling, painting, writing, making music, editing videos, and generally having a good time.


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