The art shown here is a selection of pieces by LUXI aka Alexandre Maxine Hill.
LUXI is a Milwaukee based artist who thrives on learning new things and can teach herself almost anything. She loves to create in many forms including but not limited to, writing, painting and recording music. LUXI is known mostly for her 3D experimental immersive games and projects that include her albums as the soundtracks to her video games. She enjoys traveling and becoming inspired by her adventures while collaborating with others when possible. The medias shown in this portfolio include paintings, sketchbook excerpts, 3D based immersive works and physical objects.

Acrylic paint on canvas combined with pastels and additional water-based inks.
The subject matter for these works is an exploration in whimsical surrealistic atmospheres and portraits, allowing for playful, intuitive creation.

“Love Blindly” 18 x 24″
“Alexandre the Great” 18 x 24″
“The Final Embrace” 18 x 24″
“Moonscape” 26 x 36″
“Three Roses under a Bright Sky” 24 x 66″
“Dark Escape” 16 x 20″
” Shellscape” 18 x 24″
“Playful Escape” 18 x 24″
“Sisters” 18 x 24″

Small Sketchbook Excerpts and Painting Studies
These works use mainly pastels, water based acrylic paints and inks.

3D Based Interactive Projects
These projects are rooted in allowing the viewer to explore interactive landscapes and artworks, nurturing the viewer’s curiosity and sparking their imaginations. Created using Blender 3D and Unreal Engine 4.

This project was an independent study in web based Augmented Reality.

An auto generative game which created the environment as well as the soundtrack based on the player’s decisions and movements.

A community-oriented experimental gallery, where I curated and created an interactive virtual gallery for artists and musicians in Milwaukee, WI.

A fun pixel art inspired first person game.

An exploratory 3D adventure game, including artwork from Milwaukee and NYC based artists.

Physical Objects and Product Design
These pieces combine sculptural, sound, and visual elements in the physical realm.

DIY Synth
An arpeggiating synth based on the “Mosquito I” ~ using the Mozzi Library for sounds. The potentiometers control: rate, pitch, legato, filter, resonance, plus an extra knob in case I want to expand it in the future. The buttons select the arpeggiator pattern.

Wearable Technology // Final Project
An interactive set of wings that went with a dress that I created a pattern for and sewed myself, it was a long process of trial and error.

Robotic Bear
This was a project to rapid prototype a product using a microprocessor. I choose to create a robotic bear that changed colors based on whether it was light or dark outside and flapped its wings when a button was pressed.

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