Studio Build Out // Art Loft

Studio Project:: Art Loft Build Out

I’ve been lucky enough to find a great space here in Sheboygan to use as my make shift studio for a while (plus rent is way cheaper than in MKE which is a huge plus for now), a one bedroom with upstairs open loft area which I knew would be converted into my all purpose art room. I’ve been affectionately referring to it as “the Art Loft,” and have been slowly building it to fit my needs.. though I’m still using folding portable tables I have a huge corner desk to lay out my work and set my monitors for music production, and have converted an area into a dance/yoga/rehearsal space with portable hardwood squares and a few mirrors to accent the space. Plus it’s always good to check your form every once in a while especially for exercises like yoga and ballet. I trained pretty heavily in dance throughout my school years so I knew that laying down a hard floor surface eventually in my 100% carpeted apartment was a huge must for me. I eventually purchased a portable barre and color changing lights to complete the space, and I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out!