Fundamentals of Making it Happen

20140301-151725.jpgWe’ve all been there before, you get a great idea and talk about how awesome it could be if you organized this or that event, collaborated on a project or how badly you want to release your next album, but then for some reason nothing actually happens and said “awesome project” never actually gets completed or even started. This becomes kind of redundant after a while and you begin to wonder if anything will ever actually get done, and it can become very discouraging which can prevent you from even trying in the first place. In my experience there are a few tips to consider when starting a new project.

Tips for making it happen:

  • Fully brainstorm the idea or project from start to finish. Envision what it will be like when it’s completed. Draw, write, or sketch out as much detail as you can in order to get a full picture of your vision. Sometimes it helps to work backwards from what your completed goal would look like; imagine it already finished and write down what that would be with as much detail as possible. (If it’s a song, imagine what it sounds like before you even start.)
  • Plan out the stepping stones. Write out the steps necessary to take in order to reach your goals. This means breaking up your larger goals into smaller chunks to make it actually doable and less daunting of a project, which will keep you from becoming overwhelmed and tempted to give up.
  • Just do it. Eventually you just have to go for it. There’s a point when you’ve done as much planning as you can, and have to start filling out the content of your project. If you have a nice complete outline, you will have an easier time filling in the gaps. Once you have that completed outline and have brainstormed your ideas, it’s time to take that leap of faith and take the first step necessary in the direction of your goal.

Why “Failing” is Necessary For Success

DSCN4514Learn From Your Mistakes
It’s normal to make mistakes, it can even been seen as a good thing if you are able to learn from your personal mistakes and make changes based on the lessons you’ve learned. Hopefully you are aware enough to admit when you are wrong or when a business idea or plan isn’t working out. Often times those who are so scared of making a mistake are actually holding themselves back from doing what they really want to, because they are too scared to even start or try.

Writing Prompt: make a list of some of the mistakes you’ve made that might be bringing you down, and then how you’ve learned from them in order to not do similar things in the future. How have these things made you the person you are today? How have they helped you progress and grow? Are you able to re-frame these things to see them in a more positive light?

Learn From Others
Save yourself some time and learn from other people’s errors. Do your research and you will probably find numerous articles and information on the web about people trying to do similar things as yourself and find out what didn’t work for them. You can also look around your own life and observe those close to you, not to say to judge people, but just be aware of the mistakes your friends and family are making that have seemed to cause them strife, and try to avoid doing those things yourself.

Fail & Start Again as Quickly as Possible
Once you have failed, you are in the best place to try again. Get the bad ideas out and over with, cut your losses, and figure out a new plan. Don’t stay dredging it out in one specific idea just because you committed yourself to it when it obviously isn’t working.  Eventually you will be able to see each “mistake” as an opportunity, rather than some terrible thing that happened, to grow and start fresh again with some new ideas!

“I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work”  (Thomas Edison)