Sweet Solitude::: How to Embrace it

20140223-135432.jpgSometimes we find ourselves in an unexpected place, a gap almost between where we were and where we are going, thus giving us plentiful time spent alone to do what we wish with.  The initial urge may be to panic, but this automatic thinking which can be quite negative and hold us back from what we truly want to be doing.  If you moved to a new town or city you may know exactly the feeling, or perhaps you’ve graduated college and everyone seems to be going their separate ways.  Don’t fret, this is actually a beautifully magical time in life where all opportunities are open to you. This is the perfect time for your creative work to blossom, that start up to unfold, those merely abstract ideas to become concrete.

  • Use time alone to create.

Finding your creative self is a process, and it takes hours and hours of real work and effort and often times these hours are spent diligently working in the solitude of our own homes.  Any creative person will probably tell you that their most influential work was created while buried in the depths of their own minds.

  • This doesn’t mean to become a hermit.

It’s important to step outside of one’s comfort zone every once in a while.  Don’t become so comfortable in solitude that you don’t feel the need to socialize or get out of the house every once in a while.  Solitude is great for the content producing portion of your creative endeavors, but go out and talk about the work that you’re doing every once in a while so people still know you exist. ; )

  • Retreat inward.

Being comfortable with being alone is important to your well being.  Use solitude as a tool and you will become your own best friend and truly understand yourself.  Take time to journal, meditate, exercise (I like yoga and jogging), take care of your surroundings and fuel yourself with the best foods, some of the healthiest foods and ways to cook can also be the cheapest.  Having solitude is a great time to experience peacefulness through reading or other joys, and start doing and learning more about things you are passionate about.

  • Greet the world again with a new mindset.

After you have spent plentiful time to yourself embracing all that solitude has to offer, you will probably start meeting new people again eventually whatever your situation.  This gives you the perfect opportunity to greet the world with a new mindset and new approach to living life with a more informed point of view and developed sense of self, and that is definitely something to celebrate!


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